Roraima Consulting, Inc. (RCI) wind energy solutions are highly efficient, solid and reliable wind turbines which meet both energy and environmental needs. This efficiency is based on innovations in blade design, Turbine and generator technology and optimization.

RCI’s Strategic Alliance have deployed Gigawatts of power world wide. Such deployment is based on creating an environment for cost effective operations and maintenance, providing after installation service and training of engineers and technicians to manage, operate and maintain the installation. The process begins with optimizing the layout of sites to enhance the performance of the wind power project and to ensure certainty in the business case over the entire lifecycle of the project. This is accomplished by choosing high efficiency turbines to reduce production lost in low wind sites and to ensure that the turbine are ready to produce energy when the wind is available i.e. maximum production in all wind conditions. A wind project comprise of:

  • Wind monitoring and evaluation (wind and geotechnical survey and environmental impact assessment)
  • Site selection
  • Site design including road construction
  • Electrical design
  • Turbine selection and site placement to reduce inter-turbine interference
  • Transformers and switch systems design
  • Sub-station design
  • Monitoring and control systems (SCADA) implementation
  • Aviation Marking for safety
  • Battery Storage systems for ramp control for excess power storage which can be used in load change situation and increase availability of energy
  • VARs optimization

The project planning begins with an Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) agreements. This agreement ensure RCI is responsible for the engineering, procurement and construction of the project which will include everything from the design specification, procurement and manufacture, to the complete installation and commissioning of the wind turbines.