Small HydroPower

Roraima Consulting, Inc. Small hydro solution scales up to 30 MW for connection to conventional electrical distribution networks as a source of low-cost renewable energy. Our solutions for small hydro projects are built in rural areas which are not connected to a grid and would be uneconomic to serve from a national grid network, or in areas where there is limited national electrical distribution network exists.
Distributed energy storage can be incorporated in to small hydro by building plants with reservoir, i.e. small storage and small pumped-storage hydropower plants. These storage systems have relatively low environmental impact compared to large hydro.
A new and innovative concept is to use wind turbines or solar power to drive water pumps directly, in effect an ‘energy storing systems”. This combination of small hydro with wind or solar power pump storage could provide a more efficient process and usefully smooth out the variability of energy captured from the wind or sun for incorporation in grid networks

RCI role is to develop innovative ways to create Renewable Energy . Our small hydro solution in combination with wind or solar powered pumping storage is  the  most innovative, cost-effective, reliable with high availability solution using the most advanced technologies.