Roraima Consulting, Inc. deploys Integrated Converged Next Generation networks for voice, video and data which creates a unified communication environment bringing a full spectrum of capabilities to institutions, organizations and businesses. It is the telecommunications environment which can be leverage to fulfill your business goals. Roraima Consulting, Inc. is a committed and reliable partner for providing you with these capabilities. The telecommunications technologies we leverage are:

• Converged voice, video and data switching (PBX, IP telephony, land line, satellite and microwave wireless) networks.
• ATM.
• IP.
• Network Center build out with with network equipment,network management systems, Power, ventilation and air Conditioning.
• Military and civil emergency wireless (HF/VHF/UHF) telecommunications systems.
• Passive optical network (BPON, GPON and NG-PON)
• Wireless networks (Wi-Fi and WiMax)

Key Benefits
• Evolutionary/revolutionary (cap and grow) phased approached integrating legacy equipment with next generation systems.
• Flexible, scalable, secure and robust industrial strength networks.
• Best in class design with an architecture to maximize investment.