IT and Telecoms

Our highly skilled and technically qualified Information Technology employees provide full-service business IT operations solutions, with comprehensive analysis and assessment of threats to networks. Our services enable customers to complete their critical missions daily. Our capabilities support information storage, archiving and sharing; mission specific network applications, operations and support systems; enterprise wide integration of solutions which support critical IT infrastructure and disaster recovery.

Our Telecommunications services support the development of infrastructure and introduce new technologies and services to bridge the digital divide for human resources development. The internet has spawn an economy sector which is generating growth, innovation and enhanced globalization. Telecommunications is an infrastructure essential to a country’s economic development and competitiveness. Gigabit Ethernet to the home, Wi-fi, Wimax and mobile computing platforms explosion worldwide have created jobs and generated income for the individuals, government, businesses, networks operators, manufacturers, service providers, and application/content developers. In developing countries, mobile computing platforms serve as the universal access tool, especially for their low-income populations. Competitive economic reports that for every 10 percent increase in high speed internet connections, there is a 1.3 percent increase in economic growth. The impact of ICTs is also seen in their creative and cost-efficient use in basic sectors, such as education, health, and agriculture, among others. RCI’s core competences in this sector provide all of the aforementioned benefits to clients.

Our services in IT and Telecommunications encourage the extension of high-capacity communication networks to reach maximum national and international coverage and provide access at affordable prices to bridge the digital divide and enhance the use of the Internet in critical areas (health, education, transport, energy) to increase efficiency, innovation and productivity