Solar PV

Energy from the sun, solar irradiance, is capable of providing all of the energy needed  globally. Solar Photovoltaics (PV) is the third most important renewable energy in stalled capacity globally, with  more than 100 countries using solar PV. Innovation, advances in technology and increases in the scale of  manufacturing have resulted in the cost of Solar PV being competitive with fossil fuel electricity. The industry standard is indicating that solar cell prices fall 20% for every doubling of industry capacity. In addition, the energy needed to make Solar PV cell can be recouped currently with in two years. This mitigates the rising fuel costs, climate change concerns, and a growing demand for electricity. And creates a comparative advantage for Roraima Consulting, Inc. (RCI) to be involved in this sustainable industry.

RCI’s solar products and systems have proven performance and reliability, based on its strategic alliance and  utilizing industry expertise and leadership in energy technologies.  RCI is currently pursuing a number of projects that will make large-scale solar installations in the Caribbean and Sub-Saharan Africa to make energy affordable to millions of peoples.

Characteristic of RCI’s Solar PV deployment and installation are:

  • Highest profitability and reliable operation
  • Best performance and superior energy capture, terrestrial PV systems by using  solar tracking systems and adjusting the angle of solar panels to effective capture sunlight
  • Use of reliable surveillance, monitoring, management and plant (Solar panels, inverters, transformers, circuit breakers and substation) control systems to transparently indicate performance and faults detection and evaluation in real time with web access for remote control, operations and maintenance
  • Use of on site weather station to reliable forecast weather and production of energy
  • Superior grid integration by integrating of of battery storage for grid stability and Voltage Ampere Reactive (VAR) optimization