Selected Associates

Ivory Gary

M. Sc. Electrical Engineering, Polytechnic of New York, B.Sc. Electrical Engineering, Pratt Institute, New York, Certificate in Project Management, Villanova University

Ivory is RCI’s Subject Matter Expert (SME) in data center design and construction.  He has extensive knowledge of all efficient methods of cooling, power distribution, structured wiring, build-out and telecommunications Wide Area Network (WAN) and Local Area Network (LAN) transport system requirements and is experienced in all phases of data center design and relocation.  Ivory works with clients to provide complete and accurate discovery and documentation of Present Method of Operation (PMO), create project plans and time lines, determine resource requirements, manage performance and commissioning, and provide complete technical documentation to the client for project close-out.  Ivory has extensive experience in network transport design and implementation at world-class telecommunication companies such as AT&T, NYNEX, and Verizon Communications.  In addition, he is proficient in developing and managing MS project plans and teams to cover complete life cycle of projects from inception to close-out and provides timely project status reporting and metrics to all team members, stakeholders and executives.  Ivory has managed and worked on various high-level data center build-outs and relocations including for Verizon Communications, Deutsche Telecom and the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida.  Ivory is a member of the International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI).

James Flowers

B.S., Mathematics, Hofstra University, (1977). 

James is a Network Security Expert with several years of Quality Assurance and Quality Control for Network Elements and Element Management Systems and is RCI’s subject matter expert in Operations, IT and Security Architecture and development of security standards, security frameworks and policies and security tools.  As technical lead for the team that discovered and managed mitigation of hundreds of business affecting “zeroday” product defects in Verizon’s FiOS, FTTP, wireless platforms and Next Generation Network (NGN) products, James discovered and reported to Verizon management, in several load balancing/firewall products, several device state table-related vulnerabilities (including ICMP) four months before the TCP vulnerability to ICMP attacks were announced. He researched and promulgated a large number of tools which, gained acceptance and use by other Verizon security testing groups.  James also developed a stress testing model and plan, which was implemented by a team he led.  James developed several stress testing and network element emulation methodologies as well as a method of sharing the work-load with the network element vendors. This approach was templated and implemented across several subsequent projects and enabled the teams to execute in excess of 10,000,000 million automated test cases per year by the EOY 2008.  James was the Verizon Information Security Council (VISC) representative for Verizon Technical Organization (labs). He was technical lead for assessing and mitigating the SNMP advisory CA-2002-03 for the Verizon labs, an activity which involved hundreds of vendors, and dozens of technical and operations staff.  James was also a member of six-person technical steering committee to assess and manage mitigation for the entire Verizon footprint relative to in excess of 1/2 million platforms.  James’ experience will ensure the environment support security of the solution to be implemented to at least the three levels of network, operating system, database systems and applications and provide the knowledge and skills needed to outline the environment for Data Center security and operations.  James has worked on high level IT security systems for banks and at the federal level.

George Morris

Ph.D. Physics, New York University, M.Sc Physics, New York University, M.Sc. Mathematics. University of the West Indies, B.Sc. Physics (Honors), University of the West Indies 

George is RCI’s subject matter expert in Network Architecture Design and has over 30 years of extensive research and development experience in telecommunications Network Architecture Design analysis and Network Management at world-class laboratories such as AT&T Bell Labs, Bellcore, Verizon’s Science and Technology and Verizon Labs.  While at Verizon Labs, George directed a team of research scientists on a range of Network Management Systems/Element Management Systems/Operations Support Systems (NMS/EMS/OSS) issues across diverse technologies, applications and Network Architecture and design. His responsibilities included the system integration and testing of NMS/EMS/OSS supporting various technologies. George’s skills set includes network architecture analysis of various implementation strategies and performance modeling of alternate architectures. He played a seminal role in the Network management architecture implementation of Verizon Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) i.e. Verizon’s FIOS network services.

George’s career includes working at AT&T Bell Lab after several years as a University Professor (NYU, Rider University, Pratt Institute, Queens College). Later, he joined Verizon’s Science and Technology, from Bell Labs where he became extremely proficient in Testing of network applications including User Acceptance Testing. In addition to Verizon, George has worked on projects for Bellcore, NYNEX, AT&T Bell Labs and telecommunications utilities in the Caribbean.  George was adjunct faculty with Ryder University, New York University, PACE University, Pratt Institute, Medgar Evers and Queens College, City University of New York.  George’s experience will ensure the successful development of any Enterprise Architecture for RCI’s clients.

Procurement Associate -Vacant