Information Technology

Roraima Consulting, Inc. offers integrated converged Information Technology solutions for voice, video and data thus creating a communication environment which bring full spectrum capabilities to institutions, organizations and businesses. It is the Information Technology environment which can be leverage to fulfill your business goals. Roraima Consulting, Inc. is a committed and reliable partner for providing you with these capabilities. The Information Technologies we leverage are:

• E-business/E-commerce/E-government solutions.
• Data Centers, Hosting, internet and intranet solutions.
• Application Services Provider (ASP) network solutions.
• Internet Services Provider ( ISP ) network solutions.
• Wide Area Network (WAN) and server farms solutions.
• Local Area Network ( LAN ), applications, printing, email and database systems.
• Conferencing, collaboration and distance learning network solutions.
• Telecommuting solutions.

Key Benefits
• Flexible, scalable, secure and robust industrial strength networks.
• Best in class design with an architecture to maximize investment.
• Full spectrum integrated Information Technology services creating operational synergy.